05:37 am
22 October 2021

You can make it:3D Pen

You can make it:3D Pen




3D printing pen let people immediately associate to magic brush Ma Liang? There seems to be a bit closer to. This is a pen that can write in the air, help you to liberate imagination from a sheet of paper. We all feel that two-dimensional picture is not vivid, want to let it turn into a 3D object, it can help you do.

Basic survey

3D printing pen is the world’s first pen with 3D printing function. The use of PLA, ABS plastic(1.75mm/3.00mm), 3D printing pen can be written in any surface, and even can be directly in the air. It is very compact, and without a computer or computer software.

How to work

If you can dance your fingers freely, you’ll self-taught 3D printing pen. It based on 3D printing, hot melt plastic extrusion, then quickly cooling in the air, finally solidified into a stable state. Give you endless creativity. As long as a few hours of practice, you will be able to depict the amazing gorgeous.

Attention:Be careful when you use the pen, the temperature is very high when it heating.

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