08:11 pm
08 December 2021

3D printer is commonly known as the additive manufacturing

3D printer is commonly known as the additive manufacturing

3D printing is commonly known as the additive manufacturing, refers by way of adding material layer by layer will have a three dimensional digital model of business entity objects. The technology for aerospace, automotive, medical, and core industries such as consumer electronics innovations has a huge boost.

From a global perspective, as a new type of digital manufacturing technology after many years of development, 3D printing has formed a relatively complete system, applications continue to expand, the industrial chain formed, the size of the market growth. 2012 global sales of 3D printer is only 42,000 units by 2013, has sold more than 100,000thCA4V3R99 units. In 2013, a global 3D industry development by leaps and bounds, the growth rate reached 81.49%, market size of $ 4 billion. Among them, the United States, and Japan, and Germany accounted for 3D printing market leader, especially the United States the world’s proportion nearly by 40%.

In recent years,Brother MFC-220 Printhead increasingly develop at home. 3D printing market is about 1 billion yuan, China in 2012, doubled to 2 billion yuan. Although the 3D printing industry in China is relatively small, but has formed the industrial chains and industrial clusters. Beijing, Shaanxi, Hubei, Jiangsu and other industry groups currently leads the 3D printing industry development and technology promotion, other regions are based on local strengths and resources introduced the 3D printing industry related policies to promote development of the industry.

In China, most companies are studying personal 3D printers, and due to their low technical threshold and the market price of, personal desktop 3D printing industry equipment is more fiery than the development of industrial-grade equipment. Due to impediments to trade, and d the development of printing industry of the future emphasis should be on applied materials.
Known as the third generation of the industrial revolution, 3D printing, will promote the development of global industrial restructuring. Period from 2015 to 2018,Global 3D printer shipments will be doubled each year, which is expected to more than 2.3 million units by 2018. In a global development environment, although the 3D printing industry in China and the United States, and Germany and other developed countries is still in its infancy, but there is a great potential for development. Now actively studying the key technologies of 3D printing materials and equipment, with breakthroughs in technology, market promotion, 3D printing, China will have more fields of application, it will bring enormous room for growth.