03:16 am
25 September 2021

Wide-format inkjet printing exploits the prospects of new market labels and packages

Wide-format inkjet printing exploits the  prospects of new market labels and packages

In certain areas of wide-format printing, there is a “tipping point”. For rigid materials printing, traditional method is to first paper printed graphic or similar flexible material, and then printing the paper covering on the surface of rigid indexmaterial.

ind1exHowever, since the platform after the ink-jet printer, people can directly in the rigid substrate printing graphic material. However, spent $ 100,000 on a flatbed inkjet printer, if you don’t have the volume of business that is more economic than traditional approaches. And you can also try Konica printheads.

So, how much ink-jet printer printing printing platform to more economical? to pinpoint the “tipping point” to do so. Label printing, too, is on the label is printed on the paper in the paper tray? still print labels directly on the tray? which method is more economical? where is the tipping point?

Xant e Mark Swanzy, Chief Operating Officer of the company said: certainly hope can be printed directly on the box.ind2ex Used to be printed on the label affixed to the box not only time-consuming and laborious, and higher labor costs.
Especially if the 4 sides of the box need labels, printed 4 tabs, respectively, and then paste it to the box of 4. Xant é introduced Excelagraphix 4200P based on Memjet technology platform for ink-jet printer, designed specifically for the corrugated box a short version of the digital printing market. The print format is 8 feet in length, a width of 42 inches. Can print up to thickness of 0.625 inch heavy duty corrugated board and foam board, in 1600dpix800dpi 12 inches/second printing speed of resolution.