02:18 am
25 September 2021


tu        Nowadays, in the United States in Indianapolis, which once again rescued by  the “TurboRoo” ‘s congenital lack of forelimb dog, breeders and veterinarians with a technical staff of the 3Dprint, and later 3dyn print CEO Mark Deadrick, using 3D printing technology is TurboRoo wheel arms are installed soon TurboRoo have adapted to using this 3D printing of front wheel walk.Dog Turbo is only four months old, born without front legs, in 2014 given up for adoption. But Ashley and Ray adopted Turbo. An aviation engineer in San Francisco with image4a 3D printer to make the stroller, so that it becomes a TurboRoo.

   Adopters of Turbo go to 3D printer shop ,and they was founded the product in Denver.then they  start the “Pawsthetics” project, what they want is to use 3D printing technology to help more disabled animals. Since this project requires a lot of money, so they decided to use cheap 3D pens.
   The couple said: ” animals are our friends and they need our help!”3D printing technology can be used to help animals which is a very good thing.    Mark Deadrick was a mechanical engineer for spacecraft design for the Dodge Viper and Jeep Wrangler parts, designed for the TurboRoo round of the forelimbs seem familiar.
Facebook TurboRoo page staff Mark grow Deadrick have TurboRoo consider, designing the next version of wheel arms, is fortunate, iterative product 3D printing cheap and efficiently take out products.res05_attpic_brief
TurboRoo keepers  has started a fundraising campaign in order to help pay for the dog’s specialized equipment. So far, they have raised $ 3500, far more than the initial target of US $ 600.
    It makes a great breakthought,such as 3D print saxophone, human skulls, fruits, ice cream, and even 3D printers to produce the whole House, they meet the needs of the human community. Now, the technology also helps our furry and feathered friends. Last year, a duck named Buttercup congenital lack of wings received the wings of 3D printing, allow it to be a normal duck .