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08 December 2021

What is the advantage of LED UV printer?

What is the advantage of LED UV printer?
Many customers at the time of inquiry will ask, why are you so vigorously promote LED UV printer, what‘s the difference between LED UV printer and ordinary printer ? This explanation LED UV printer for you what are the advantages?
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Below we briefly talk about the benefits of LED UV printer:
First: no spray coating and any information can be printed directly, that is dry.
Second: not easy to plug, because UV ink light solid ink, only with intense heat can dry curing, so at room temperature do not plug!
Third: you can add sprinkler, jiabaimo, and can be of any length!
Finally, sharp color, the pattern turned out very well. Capable of very accurate ink spread, which shows a raised image edges and neat, really achieve our ordinary print embossed results.
Finally, practical industry is very common.
. Building material decoration category
Pictures printing on your choice of glass sliding doors, ceramic tile, carpet, walls, insulation, ceiling, wood, plexiglass plate on the media, can make indoor outdoor adequate personal features, against cultural characteristics.

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