12:48 pm
22 June 2021

What does 3D printing do in the field of national defense?

What does 3D printing do in the field of national defense?
 "Tornado" fighter of the United Kingdom

“Tornado” fighter of the United Kingdom

As an old saying goes: “no steps, and no even miles away; no small streams, and no accumulation of rivers.” The emphasis here is the importance of accumulating. When it comes to accumulating, we will think of a technology: 3D printing. This is a special technique, different from the traditional “material manufacturing reduction”, which is a kind of “additive manufacturing” approach, that means the stack of layered materials, from bottom to top. The materials, manufactured layer by layer, slowly become a 3D printed products. You can experience the process with Geeetech 3D

Russian 3D printed drone

Russian 3D printed drone


Nowadays, “3D printing technology” appears high frequency word in news reports, even the Economist magazine of United Kingdom predicted it would promote the advent of a new round of industrial revolution. Because of its advanced digital and intelligent “copying”, this technology was civil, and at the same time has become a popular “new nobility” in defence and military field.

3D printing technology has been used in military and aerospace applications, for example expensive fighter jets, and aircraft carriers, can be “printed” out. So, what did 3D printing help in the field of national defense?

  • United States: 3D printing helps combat logistics support
    Chinese jet fighter-15

    Chinese jet fighter-15

  • United Kingdom: 3D printing “Tornado” fighter parts
  • Korea: 3D printing services “F-15K fighter”
  • Russia: 3D printing a drone for 31 hours
  • China: 3D printing “large aircraft” parts

In future wars, using 3D printing techniques, both weapons and supplies, may be realized by “DIY”, that is, self-produced required equipment by combatants in the field.