05:32 am
18 January 2022

Wearable works using 3D pen

Wearable works using 3D pen


2015 3Doodler fashion award,—Erica Gray use small 3D pen to  create a wearable 3D printed products—Forms Organic .Forms Organic is inspired by the in a range of animals and characters  create , regardless of its design and transformation of meaning , by looking at the appearance, the claws have a tail of 3D printed dress goods slightly creepy!

This cheap 3D pen printing wear merchandise is Erica Gray in preparation for “international wear art” programming, compared to create 3D print dress before, this series seems more wild, and even can be said to be full of “animal”. Plenty of the suit into the animal’s image and identity, looks quite similar to the skeleton structure, also have teeth, tails, paws and other elements.182

Planners share says: “my 3D printing creation are usually use organic or animal images for ideas, plenty of capture the nature fluids and solid  imagery, such as bones. ”

Yet created not just a passion of the ideas expressed, and also need to overcome a number of problems in the manufacturing process, such as time and wearable. Gray is necessary to ensure that the creation of a mannequin dressed up, and make the wearer more clutter.

Ultimately results very satisfy , planners of the plan can be fully shown. While this 3D print dress goods not generally appreciated it, but is still lamented the conceptual idea and meaning reconstruction.183