03:40 am
21 June 2021

Wearable Sculpture Created by Cheap 3D Pens

Wearable Sculpture Created by Cheap 3D Pens

9In the impression of a lot of people, the usefulness of cheap 3D pen is limited, because it is not very accurate, but also very difficult to use.But never ignore people’s creativity, with such a simple tool that many artists created amazing works.This time, for example, from the Queensland artists Erica Gray with a 3 Doodler 3D printing pen create one work that enough to let us   accordingly dizzy,and Gray called it “wearable sculpture”.

It is understood that Gray is a very versatile artist, she ever done any painting, textiles and soft sculpture, and other artistic media.But two years ago, when she first saw 3D printing pen of 3Doodler in Kickstarter , she was moved by the infinite possibilities that it can brings, and soon became the first users of 3 Doodler.But until 3 Doodler 2.0 listed, Gray began to use it carefully.15

Gray recalled: “at that time,  when 3Doodler in Kickstarter listed we bought it, after a period of time it has been sent, we are excited to open the box to play for a while, just throw it aside and forgotten. Until a year later, I want to use it to produce a wearable sculpture, to wear it.  On the second generation of 3 Doodler began, I ordered a again, and this two pens in my design can be as the standby each other.”

The first batch of works that she create with cheap 3D pens was named Infinity and Crystal Matrix, and  they are recommended on the display in The World of Wearable Art Show in New Zealand this year.