02:03 am
21 June 2021

Using algae as raw material 3D Printing wire Algae-Fuel listing

Using algae as raw material 3D Printing wire Algae-Fuel listing

In April this year, when small series have reported, two 3D printing 3D Fuel algae as raw material and ALGIX announced to join hands for common development of 3D printing wires. Today, this product has been released, the two companies also established a brand Algae-Fuel for this type of product. The Algae-Fuel wire includes 2.85 mm diameter and 1.75 mm in two sizes, and offers a wide range of natural colors to choose from: the original red, green algae, Agave blue, Tundra grey black and Marsh. 3D Fuel, print out this wire will be similar to the bone or the natural texture of the sandstone. At present, the details about the price of the product has been announced, but you can pre-order, fill out an order form and they will send you more details.12115M234-2

“We believe that the many users of this product FDM/FFF technology will be very attractive. “3D Fuel Marketing Manager Barbara Zeller said:” our Algae-Fuel product listing will help make sustainable wire to obtain greater market share, because of its appearance, performance or quality not in ordinary wire products. “Algae-Fuel is made of biodegradable PLA combines material made of algae, which not only has better biodegradability, and energy efficiency is much higher: compared with the standard of the PLA, Algae-Fuel print lower temperatures, so less energy is consumed. It is a good news for users of Cheap 3D Pens. More safe and more health.

“We are most proud of is that our raw material algae tend to come from aquaculture, water treatme12115L5E-3nt facilities and an overgrowth of algae in the pond/Lake. “3D Fuel company director Ashton Zeller said,” we are providing help for the balance of the ecosystem and land not in use, biomass is used to provide our consumers with sustainable 3D printing materials. ”

Advantages of 3D printing technology in environmental protection has been the focus of attention, but the truth is, the technology doesn’t require a lot of plastic. So we are pleased to see an increasing number of people or companies are creative ways to make the industry more sustainable, especially those environment-friendly wire manufacturing company.