04:01 pm
14 June 2021

Using 3D printing technology to help animals

Using 3D printing technology to help animals

66In San Francisco a little dog called Turbo only four months old, was born without front legs, was abandoned in 2014 adopted.But Ashley and Ray adopted Turbo. An air engineer in San Francisco in the 3D gave it a small push to make it into turboroo. The couple who continued to adopt Turbo founded 3D print shop in Denver, and also start ” Pawsthetics ” project, wanted to use 3D printing technology to help animals. It isj ust like WER-Creator 3D printer that can create models you really want so that you can solve your problems.64

In Ohio, ” Little stumble ” is one of six weeks the Half – Blood hound, Ohio State University Innovation Center installed it last week with a 14 hour print model in a wheelchair.” Little stumble ” foster mother who is located in Athens is a member of Ohio ” Dog friends ” , the Association for search and rescue coordinator.She said : ” Dogs can now easily get around.He can now jump up. He was so excited when they’re done.65

China also has such a touching story. Qingdao volunteers try to take a leg model printed on 3D printing technology for stray dogs with Disabilities in legs.63

Such a move while not called ” shake this cave “, but warm enough