11:16 am
01 August 2021

Use T-Shirt Printers to make your own T-Shirt

Use T-Shirt Printers to make your own T-Shirt
Homemade t-shirt, prepared material is simple, a T-Shirt printer, printing paper, an iron and a pair of scissors.
Materials, clothes, irons, easily play
Printer prints out beautiful pictures.
Preparation tool: Epson A4 t shirt transfer paper, white cotton t-shirt, iron, scissors.
Production steps:
1. print out the pattern using the t-shirt transfer paper A4, remember to select mirror print, transfer the images produced will be positive.
Printed transfer paper edge cropping cropping, remember to leave a little bit of edge.
Ready to put printer on clothes, which is not labeled.
Use the printed paper and prepare short t shirt.
Back up and then heating the iron to maximum temperature and pressure.
Until hot to the touch, and after they have been posted more solid, iron can be removed, and then wait until the specimen cooling and then outer membrane tear.
2. set the iron temperature to high, do not use the steam mode.
3. put the transfer paper face down on the T-Shirt, force pressed, wait until the paper put paper tearing up again after cooling, should do the trick.


4. transfer T-Shirt is dirty, what will happen? Of less than 60 degrees for as long as the sailor washed, dried, you can here. Remember t-cannot be cleaned immediately, for a period of time before I can get to wash the T-Shirt.
Produced by an iron short t-shirt ~ ~ summer is coming up, what are you waiting?

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