02:39 am
25 September 2021

Use ordinary PLA materials printed 3D spring car

Use ordinary PLA materials printed  3D spring car
3D printing enthusiasts Jason King wants to build a springpowered toy car. Unfortunately is that he is unable to find an available spring. As an omnipotent, 3D printing, King‘s solution is, of course, print your own strategy!
For inspiration, King violently at the major online 3D model library search, looking for a design of their choice. Really he‘s found, which is shared by Greg Zumwalt, an enthusiast. King saw all the design file to determine what needs to be printed, he decided to adopt the colorFabb Netherlands orange wire print moving parts, and spring green RoboSavvy wire is used to print. The remaining non-moving parts, such as the sides of the chassis, he colorFabb wire with blue print.
Although the car looks simple, but still some problems when printing, he has to seek to change the design. Prior to this, he also replaced his construction of 3D printers, upgrade from ordinary acrylic glass.
King is designed mainly to change the rear wheel of the car. In the original model, the rear wheel when the car after a smooth surface often appear very obvious swing. Tried fan solution is given by adding rubber bands to the rear wheels, to solve the problem of inadequate traction. King‘s approach is to use the NinjaFlex rubber printing two cycles instead of rubber bands, because he wanted the car is 100% 3D printing.


This spring are PLA material used in most parts of the plant, filling rate of 10%, printing thickness is 0.2 mm, and springs and knobs needs more strength, so King printed two parts set 100% fill rate. But because of the soft NinjaFlex, King down to 30 mm/sec print speed, print is very successful for the first time.
3D printing is complete, assembled after trimming and processing is needed, in order to make it better, in some places to add oil, the King is not a problem. So a very interesting 3D print spring car appeared.

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