03:49 am
21 June 2021

Use 3D Pen made beautiful Tiffany style candle holder

Use 3D Pen made beautiful Tiffany style candle holder

In recent years, with the popularity of 3D printed concept, with the same principles of FDM-3D printer 3D pen gradually became popular. This toy can seem obscure, it contains a striking force. Many people have used it to create a very stunning work, at this point, 3Doodler are not to be left behind. Recently, the 3D pen of the most famous pen-maker released a set of candlesticks printed pens to create great art tutorial. See these works is not instantly feel the rich art?

Although it is impossible to replace the 3D printer, Cheap 3D Pens are indeed a very interesting authoring tool, not only because it is lightweight, cheap and very free. As long as enough imagination, along with a bit of ability and patience, anyone can create amazing works of art by hand, like this beautiful candle holder.21492Ka9-1

The 3Doodler launched this tutorial can be completed in just a few simple tools, including prints, plates, aluminum foil and oven spills, and the candlestick images derived from the famous United States artist and designer Louis Comfort Tiffany. Tiffany is famous for its manufacture of decorative stained glass, whose works have been large-scale replication. Now, with 3Doodler tutorials, ordinary people can personally create the similar style works and materials common plastic.21492JD0-2

You can from following several Zhang pictures see, whole of design process actually is simple: first, hand-painted or print out Tiffany style candlestick Shang of all image; then grabbed 3D print Pen, with black PLA according to track slow detailed to outline out entity profile; then replaced different color, will profile between of gap fill; last will completed of sheet put to foil Shang again into oven in the added heat treatment-such can get compared smooth of surface effect. These are complete, then glue sheets made using 3D printing to, a nice 3D candlestick is completed. In which to put on a light, you can see the beautiful stained glass-like effect.21492GL4-3