12:52 pm
22 June 2021

United Kingdom’s travel–Chairman XI received high precision 3D printed car models

ind1exOn October 21st, BYD, with the United Kingdom’s largest passenger car manufacturer – Alexander Dennis limited (ADL) signed a cooperation agreement to manufacture electric buses – BYD provides battery and chassis, and ADL manufactures body.

The partnership’s first project was 51 12 m single electric bus order in London. This is Europe’s largest electric bus order, breaking the previous 35 record in Netherlands Schiphol Airport. BYD’s chassis, all the electric power system and the vehicle will be assembled in factories of the ADL in Falkirk, Scotland.

This time, Chairman Xi Jinping is said to have received a gift of great scientific and technological content, a 3D imagesprinted high-precision car model. Now owning such kind of models is not a wild wish any more. You just need a 3D printer at home, such as da Vinci 1.1 3D Printer, and then after several hours, you can get your unique one. If say electric vehicles landed in London, is opening up a new period of history. Then this full 3D printing technology car model, witnesses the pace of scientific and technological innovation in China, and also carries the hopes of a future cooperation.

The case of 3D printing technology connected with manufacturers is not uncommon. But directly 3D printing high-precision car models, is the first in the country.