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18 January 2022

United Kingdom company pushing a new 3D file format-MP5

United Kingdom company pushing a new 3D file format-MP5
Friends familiar with the 3D printing know that most 3D printer using the file now is the STL file format. Earlier this year, Microsoft and several other important enterprises in the 3D printing industry announced the creation of 3MF coalitions and push new 3D file format 3MF. But two weeks ago, the League announced four new members joined, including 3D printing giant 3D Systems Corporation and Stratasys Corporation. The main reason Microsoft claim 3MF file format is, 3D printing is changing rapidly, and the data file format you need the ability to apply this change.
And now based in London, print online 3D model library MyMiniFactory sent a different voice, the company agreed to the current data file format is no longer suited to the development of the industry. But they do not agree with is the new file format should be developed. As a company that was founded just two years, MyMiniFactory is clearly not satisfied with giant Microsoft‘s own behind closed doors to develop a data standard, and then take out orders the world‘s behavior.
Then, on July 10, 2015, MyMiniFactory announced the launch of the MP5. We can not be characterized, think of MP3, MP4 or something, nothing to do with music or video of the project, the MP5 is a 3D printing and 3D modelingrelated open source projects.
We hope that it will provide all users with a more streamlined, more enjoyable 3D printing experience. MyMiniFactory company CMO Rees Calder explained that we are not satisfied with the present 3D printing technologies, including file format, slice, the printer reads gcode and so on. We are driven by the current imperfect situation, and realize that we are living in an era of open community has infinite power, we don’t have to passively accept the status quo, we can take the initiative to change it! That‘s what we try to do things.
As part of this project, MyMiniFactory appeal to developers, mathematicians, designers, and manufacturers in a variety of ways to participate in this open source project. The project led by the MyMiniFactory company‘s research and Development Intern Augustin Sanson, and headquartered in London, IMakr. support venture capital fund, is a focus on 3D printing facility in this area. The project will be based on the general public license (GPL,General Public License) for development.
The new format was developed in several different directions, and covers everything from design, slicing all links to the 3D printing. MP5 have the file format with six specific ideas, including:
Voxel concepts (like in ZBrush as)
ARC (when you have a normal vector at each point, you are easy to implement, just like OBJ format)
Formuladriven curve (such as features in Solidworks)
Basic shapes such as spheres, cylinders, cubes (such as B-REP or CSG modeling method)
NURBS (Rhino or OBJ)
Improvement of the STL (no one knows, sometimes it may be the best option)
MP5 project staff also intends to put the model into smaller parts, sort of like. In the OBJ format object. So have several advantages compared with other file formats, including:
Slices of each part can be done parallel operations, reduce the time slice.
Different parts of a model can have different degrees of complexity and detail. MP1
Copy parts just need a set of information, means that the file size will be smaller, because all the same parts can be unified.

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