12:31 pm
01 August 2021

” Unbelievable ” 3D print light can be so beautiful

” Unbelievable ” 3D print light can be so beautiful
Breeze, the lake rippled heart, away from the noise, return to the inner world of serenity. Designer’s touch of nature, created this ” ripples ” series of LED lights, rendered by 3D print .224
The natural shape of the lamp alignment of the flow ripple in the breeze, warm and smart, so each lamp is unique ripple pattern.Hope that through the ” ripple ” series makes noisy and hectic around the disordered people to reflect on the glitz.223
” Ripples ” series integrated molding using 3d printing technology, revolutionary changes to the traditional process of restrictions on the form, print each ripple pattern is unique, maximize advantages of 3d printing custom.Conflicting demands of the designer to control the lighting, soft, smooth printing thickness of only 0.5mm, ensure that the light uniformly wet permeability.Nowadays,young people like to pursue personal thing,just like ,Epson T-shirt Printer is popular with people because it can print custom T-shirt.227
3dans ( egg 3d printing ) was established in Shanghai, is committed to 3d print product customization. As early as the beginning of 2013 launched a 3d print customized Animal night lights series, is the industry’s first 3d print a series of customized products company.The most dynamic team of creative designers gathering 3dans . Lee, head of design handle international Product Design Academy Award Red Dot Award, Germany, China’s top design award — innovative design awards such as Red Star design award, is the senior 3d print customized product designers.Believe the birth of the product based on 3d printing technologies will change people’s lives, changing the future.225