03:58 am
21 June 2021

U.A.E. education institutions are planning to use 3D Pens

1-15112513523b40 3Doodler 3D printing must be quite familiar, also published many articles associated with it. Recently, this 3D pens won from U.A.E. investments of several educational institutions, they think they inspire children‘s interest on the subject of science and technology, art, 3Doodler is a promising tool. Previously, 3Doodler 2015 ubai Airshow in Dubai (11.8–11.12) on display, also launched a successful debut.
3DBee online platform is 3Doodler one of the investors, the company‘s business development and Marketing Manager, Smira Ahmed says many schools have already expressed the hope that the inclusion of this 3D printed Pen class, they are also consultations on this matter with the Abu Dhabi Education Council. The most of point should be cheap and use it easily.In the educational, Cheap 3D Pens still have more marketing.
Some education plan has been put into use 3Doodler, for STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education for children. Recently, the Sharjah Girl Guides, one for young women with education and extra-curricular activities to organize a new one 3Doodler Studio has been established.1-151125135303632
From the Indian high school, Dubai, grade five students named Shreya Beas says she has been using the 3Doodler 3D printing, and very fond of this pen. It is not difficult, it is easy to understand. She said, the pen is very interesting, and you can use it for all the things you wanted to create. I‘ve used it to draw a guitar, biking, even of the Eiffel Tower. My father bought me a pen, and he taught me how to use in the Office. This is a innovative tool for design model of science and technology.
Ahmed believes that 3Doodler put into operation will be U.A.E. school first step in 3D printing, and shortly thereafter, 3D printers would soon come into their classroom.