11:30 am
01 August 2021

Twitter and 3D printer manufacturers Dagoma hand in hand advance 3D printing concept of environmental protection

Twitter and 3D printer manufacturers Dagoma hand in hand advance 3D printing concept of environmental protection

Last week, nearly 200 world leaders gathered in Paris, despite all the historical, political and cultural conflicts to cooperate, only to achieve a goal : To combat global climate change.In the General Assembly, as a cutting-edge industries, 3D print by virtue of saving energy, reducing production time and reduce material waste and other features to win a lot of attention, even French President Francois Hollande has favored 3D print to add.312

In order to call on countries to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the world, French 3d printer maker Dagoma and well-known social media twitter expands cooperation, work together to raise public awareness of this historic meeting, as well as the importance of global climate change.Due to the social progress, economic development and environmental problems faced in recent years, to some extent, public about the idea of a greater awareness of environmental protection.From one of the hottest products can be reflected,named Epson  Eco-Solvent Printer.311

Dagoma provides a Discovery200 3d printer, during the meeting of biodegradable materials for print logo,cop21 of the United Nations climate change conference at the scene.In order to promote the extension of the concept of 3d printing, they also called for twitter users to use and to promote #cop21 this topic.Issuing tweets, the more speed 3d printers are becoming faster, more environmentally – friendly logo will be made, to show the world the positive environmental information, as well as global / social collaboration of positive energy.313

Obviously, Dagoma and Twitter this programme has got a lot of attention, staff includes more than just twitter users involved in the topic of games, even the President of France Francois Hollande — The leading proponent of climate change, but also to the scene to participate in the event, and standing next to the Discovery200 3d with 3d cop21 logo printed photographs.408

Dagoma is located in Lille, France, a 3D printer manufacturing start-ups, allegedly to uphold the concept of environmental – friendly, they only sell PLA bio – plastic made from starch.These biodegradable material made of corn, potatoes, beets, no need for extra heating during printing, do not need to add additional material.