03:50 pm
30 July 2021

Tu Youyou to attend the Nobel Prize award ceremony awarded a 3d print tea

Tu Youyou to attend the Nobel Prize award ceremony awarded a 3d print tea

Beijing Time 11:30 o’ clock last night, Tu scientists in mainland China participated in the Nobel Prize award ceremony in the Stockholm concert hall.113

Tu Youyou won the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Prize was the first time mainland Chinese scientists won the Nobel Prize in Science Award, this is a great historic moment for China’s scientific community.111

To Tu Youyou and salute her discovery of the antimalarial drug artemisinin, the Nobel Museum specially produced a Chinese – style tea basing on plants of Artemisia annua L, it is important to note is that auxiliary heaters of the handle was made using 3d printing technology.With the development of 3d printing technology,3d printer is used widely.In the long term,Nobel 1.0 3D Printer has a good market.


3d printing technology based on the model of digital files, such as the use of powdered metal or plastic bonding materials, how to construct objects through a case – by – layer printed.Does not have to be machined or any mould, will be able to directly generate any part of the shape from computer graphics data, thus significantly shortening product development cycles, increasing productivity and reduce production costs.114

Nobel Museum makes this tea set for Tu Youyou incorporate various elements of science and technology, 3d printing technology is one, this is a tea set to Tu Youyou and tribute acts, but also pay tribute to the burgeoning Science.