09:18 pm
13 May 2021

” True ” Market : 3D photo gallery in an awkward position

” True ” Market : 3D photo gallery in an awkward position

In recent years, all over the world continue to provide 3d, there have been many photographic service model,In 3d printing industry,the 3d Studio  is one of the most known by the common people in the business model.We sometimes hear the view, 3d print Studio will be a major trend in the future. Indeed, compared to high precision 3d printed models, graphic photos too obvious.But since 2013 a large number of 3d printing the studio is currently emerging in China,which is running out and struggling, 3d print of the once popular for a time the studio has hit unprofitable an awkward position.603

Domestic 3d print  studio to develop in the short term is too high  cost. Domestic better 3d print Studio brand was Artec scanner for general use, is about 180,000 yuan, while a 3d print is 50.6 million, plus labor, supplies, stores rent, decoration, upfront investment of at least more than 1 million.Even if you choose to print FDM as low cost plan, supplies the price down to 1 per gram, one-second lower than market price. Using advanced artificial color, can be a portrait of the costs down to 100, not paint portraits of costs can be compressed to 10.But the consequences are, cost reduction, but takes a long time, printing only 40 minutes.Later paint is still 1-2 weeks.604

The same time, it lacks  technology is another question. At this stage there is little independent research and development of full color 3d printing. Technology is central to two patents, one is a complete powder, glue, paint the SLA process of printing technology, patents  for ink – jet nozzle, if we are to independent research and development, it takes a long time, if you want to purchase a patent abroad, a team with strong financial support.Although the country has a company has developed a full color 3d printing device, but the equipment is relatively unstable, not enough to match  abroad.I believe that,3D printing technology will be develope rapidly in the future . As far as cheap 3D pens are sell hot, 3D future development space is enormous.307

Currently ,the studio 3D print unright, the most important reason is that market. Although the studio mode is the most grounded of gas, but the audience is too low, higher costs will inevitably lead to higher prices, an ordinary portrait is  hundreds of or even thousands of dollars, most people are watch a fresh, few people are really willing to buy, the entire industry exists such a predicament.306

But it was also optimistic about this,believe that  the market is not open, because the whole industry is still in a period of import, with the improvement of awareness and ownership of the market to forecast ,annual sales of millions of must not be a problem in the future.But this is just the industry as a whole, someone else if you want to drive 3d print Studio venture, you may now is not the time.