09:38 am
29 October 2020

Treat your printhead carefully

Treat your printhead carefully

be7ca5b649b39cddd9c01d4de05fa096.image.386x386Avoid abrasion

Often clean the Canon QY6-0059 print head and the use of high-quality smooth and backing layer membrane with thermal transfer ribbons to reduce friction. Minimize the printing head pressure and temperature. Ensure ribbon’s width is wider than the label’s width to prevent exposure of the print head would be abraded. Print head is thermal transfer ribbon polluted will require high temperature, high pressure, high speed settings. Accumulation of pollutants in the print head acupuncture caused by heat transfer barriers affect the print quality of the image. Increasing pollution will enable print quality decline and it seems no gloss or damage to the print needle.

Increase in useage

Print head is a bar code printer in the precision parts, but also vulnerable parts of the device. It is like a car as a loss, the end will be damaged, and only pay attention to maintenance, in order to extend the life of the print head.


To play a better role, each run out of a ribbon or a roll of thermal paper need to clean the print head. When cleaning the print head, you need to remove ring and other hard objects to prevent scratching the print head, and pay attention to not use connected metal with or without static objects damaging the print head.

Factors causing premature damage to the print head

Scratch –  Through the print head’ long-term mobile, label / ribbon will damage the wear of ceramic coating protective layer, exposing the print acupuncture (point) and eventually damaged.

Print guarantee

It is recommended to use the labels and ribbons provided by the major companies to achieve the best printing effect, and can reduce the wear of the print head.

Avoid dirt

Need to use the back layer of thermal transfer ribbon (with a loose static and lubrication). Often do print head maintenance, use our protective print head film can be quickly and simply remove print head garbage accumulation.



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