08:12 pm
08 December 2021

Toronto’s Hospital 3D printed model of cardiac for complex surgery patients

Toronto’s Hospital 3D printed model of cardiac for complex  surgery patients

Doctor is a high-pressure career, and life on the line of patients waiting for rescue, life in a split second. So for the particularly strict training of doctors, however, due to limited training materials, often lack combat experience, after all, not someone with on-the-job training, which is detrimental to the conduct.609

However,3D printing has made it all so simple,  the recent Toronto Children’s Hospital  prints lifelike pediatric cardiac, used for  simulate the complex pediatric cardiac surgery exercises.The 3D printed models made by children true heart to scan data, a high degree of simulation.Nowadays, the 3D printing also has made tremendous contributions to the field of medicine .In addition,3d printing also apply to areas of life.The most representative is Home 3D Printer.FLASHFORGE 3D Printer,one of the higher quality  than others gained recognition and popularity.613

The use of 3d printed models seem to be the current best practice materials,restore the heart textures and physiological characteristics to the greatest extent. Doctors can use this model to simulate real whole process of the operation, including cutting, stitching, graft, and so on.Yoo, professor of cardiovascular surgery, said : ” This is not quite as human tissues, but the same principle can be used to simulate training.00000

With the continuous improvement of 3D printed material, I believe the future will be more 3D walkthrough models to simulate the operation of the simulation, thereby enhancing the real success of operation., Is a good thing  for doctors and patients.