06:04 pm
18 January 2021

The unveiling of the 3D print of Dalian base starts

The unveiling of the 3D print of Dalian base starts

Yesterday morning, Dalian 3d print demonstration base in Jinzhou District of double d high – tech building, opening start. The base is double D in Dalian High – tech industry development in accordance with the creation of the CMC in new space plan, combined with Dalian guion 9 companies and research institutes and technology was launched jointly, will be key parts of sophisticated, biological organs and medical device implants on the three big increase in material manufacture filled the blank in the new district.508

Mentioned 3d print, people may is will stay in print the key button, and decoration, and water Cup, and vase, and doll such as object, print time more long and costs higher, is not know 3d Print has in-depth to life all aspects : Your dentures is 3d print, your jewelry is 3d print, you  car ‘s part is 3d print , even you pills, and chocolate is 3d print.Besides,recent years,The Nail Beauty, is becoming a new fashion industry, it has a faster development, and has become an important part of personal image and image design.so take it for granted that nail art printer is popular with people.506

Three emperor print Science and Technology Limited chairman  ,Zong guisheng said, 3d print technology is implementation of intelligent of tools and means, Currently mainly used in three ways : A is high-end level, such as aviation space, and car, and medical, and biological such as regard, now application is very general, ” such as use 3d print technology print car engine, and exhaust tube, by new integrated design, can be a the entire part print out, compression open mode manufacturing time, and reduce open mode costs.Not long ago we signed a contract with a car, plan to use only 40 parts assembled a good one, looks more beautiful sports car, which, according to the current mode of production,as the same sport car need to use more than 20,000 components.505

In addition, the civilian level is 3d printing area of the show. At present, Zong Guisheng was with the team on the development and use of inexpensive 3d printer, ” users shake the phone, you can link to the 3d printer near, print out the mini dolls, 3d printer can make reliable and cheap just like ordinary printer cover the whole country.504