07:36 pm
25 January 2021

The portrait photo print into coffee flowers

The portrait photo print into coffee flowers


Israeli start-up company Steam CC launched a ripple of coffee flower machine maker a few days ago, the machine combined with 3d printing and inkjet technology, ios/android app from the Ripples of users by supporting a variety of online libraries choose who you want to pull flower shapes, you can even phone portrait photo into a coffee flowers.931


On the Ripple Maker ” Ripple Pods ” put Arabica coffee powder.User as long as any beverage bubble in the device, only takes 10 seconds, Ripple can print on the surface various patterns and supports any size cup.933

With the development of 3D printing, 3D print will bring us more surprise.3D printing is permeated in every aspect of our lives.Recently,a kind of printer is popular with people,named Flower Art Printer.It can print beautiful flowers for decoration.932

Nowadays,on the basis of people’s material lives have been greatly satisfied, they tend to pursue  spiritual enjoyment.The most representative are the young, they are more perfer to beauty and personal thing.934