02:13 am
21 June 2021

The photographer preferred top models R3000

R3000 configuration is clear and wide color LCD control panel, for Stylus Photo

R3000 condition be clear at a glance. Big size LCD screen to improve the state

of the printer, ink and the legibility of menu Settings.


9800 printhead

R3000 A3 + ink-jet printer is designed specifically for photographers to build,

is inkjet printing A3 + top model of the product line, the epson “century rainbow

K3″ VM pigment ink, inherited micro spray “art” colour, perfect unification of

quality and durable, achieved the level of art collection.


The front of the new feed way and redesign of the feeding channels, can significantly

improve the simplicity of media processing. Even before must be installed by manual

guide from the back into paper, art paper, now also can be used in the paper. Which

develops into the paper tray at the front and the rear support, allows the media to

upward into the paper, this means that you don’t need back into the paper, the level

of eliminating the back into the space requirements of paper, effectively reduces the

footprint of the printer.

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