12:55 pm
01 August 2021

The Gospel of lazy people: 3D printing automatic pet feeding machine

The Gospel of lazy people: 3D printing automatic pet feeding machine
Recently, the open source hardware on the hot site Instructables, a user named Mark Bissey posted a tutorial 3D printing automatic pet feeders. With this automatic feeders, friends whose family have pet can safely go out, no longer have to worry about your pet hungry. This is Mark Bissey Makecourse in the University of South Florida during the design.
The automatic feeder can be set according to user‘s time, regular rations for pets. As long as there is a 3D printer, you should easily be able to make it at home, and can be customized according to your actual needs.
Bissey, the device is set to twice every 24 hours into the amount of pet food in a bowl. But food rations and frequency can be adjusted according to pet‘s specific circumstances. In addition, the device also has a now feed feature, mainly to help owners train their pets.
I believe in using food as a reward method is the best way of training a dog to accept instructions. So, you can let the dog do one or two missions, and then use the feeder to reward them. Bissey says. If you forget or Miss feeding them, it doesn’t matter, they will not go hungry.
When all 3D printer parts have been ready, is to assemble electronic components as well as for the rest of the 3D printed parts, and then program the Arduino. Good news is, with the 3D printed parts, Bissey also provides the necessary code library, allowing users to quickly and easily program the electronic devices. You should easily be able to find the corresponding variables in the code to adjust the amount of feeding frequency and feeding device.


When it‘s all done and the system as a whole found them, you just need the location specified should be fixed to the wall, a 3D print automatic pet feeders you are done!

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