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22 October 2021

The first da Vinci desktop 3D printer launched by XYZprinting

The first da Vinci desktop 3D printer launched by XYZprinting

Taiwan’s first 3D printer da Vinci 1.0 produced by XYZprinting has been out for some time now. The machine is famous for its high performance and low price. $499 shock prices make a lot of people are curious about this machine performance and quality in the end. Due to a shorter time to market, many friends also can not buy this product. It doesn’t matter, we will give you more details about the da Vinci 1.0 3D printer.2(695)

Compared with mainstream 3D printers on the market today,  Da Vinci 1.0 had a few main features:
1, Print size:da Vinci 1.0 can be output with a maximum size of 20cmx20cmx20cm, in the upper level.
QQ图片201507091139002 Safety: In the process of printing, because the nozzle temperature is quite high, need some protection measures. But some 3D printers are the nozzle completely exposed without security protection.da Vinci 1.0 is surrounded by an outer wall-cladding design, front security door protection, in print if the security door is open can also interrupt the print action. It can ensure the safety of users.

QQ图片201507091144323, The operation is simple: human-machine interface in hardware and software drivers, set print 3D models, manufacturers work hard, if you read through the instructions as soon as you can probably understand how to set the 3D model, and how to print a file to the printer and print 3D. The hardware features are intuitive interface, the setting can be found in the menu corresponds to the function.

QQ图片20150709114153QQ图片201507091142464, Smart: automatic software upgrades, smart nozzle cleaning function, the adjustment function of the platform. 3D printers like current 3C technological products. Users without spending too much effort on the set of hardware, you can enjoy the pleasure of using.

QQ图片201507091143515, The cloud Gallery free download: manufacturers provide a lot of free 3D models, beginners don’t have the effort to look 3D models, you can get started within a short time. There are 320 models and continue to increase in the future to 1000 free gallery for users to download.

To sum up, da Vinci 1.0 can print out good results with such a low price. Now in Wercan, it only $339 and the more you buy, the cheaper for sale.

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