03:00 pm
30 July 2021

The difference between traditional printer and 3D printer

The difference between traditional printer and 3D printer

Traditional printer can only print graphic characters or images, 3D printing is to print solid things.
In fact, it’s just way of saying, 3D printing should strictly be called three-dimensional molding technology.

3D (3D Printers) is named enlike·Dini (Enrico Dini) the inventor has designed a fantastic printer, it not only can “print” a complete building, even in the space shuttle astronaut print in any desired shape.
Main function:

Epson Mainboard-2122978 brings worldwide manufacturing revolution, used to be part design is totally dependent on production will be realized, and the emergence of 3D printers, will overturn this idea, making in the process of production of untitledcomponents without consider the problem that any complex shape designs can be achieved by 3D printer.
3D printing without mechanical or mold, you can directly from the computer generated graphics data objects of any shape, which greatly shortens the production cycle and improve productivity. Although still needs to be improved, but 3D printing market has great potential, is bound to be one of many breakthrough technologies in the manufacturing sector in the future.dayinrennei

3D printing in some electronics store makes it possible to buy this type of printer, factory direct sales also. Scientists said that printers use is still very limited, but some day in the future people will be able to through the 3D printer to print out more practical items.

3D printing technology to the United States is critical for NASA’s space exploration missions, the international space station over the existing 30% of spare parts are manufactured by this 3D printer. This device will use polymer and other materials using layer-by-layer extrusion manufacturing technology to manufacture goods. 3D printing experiments is the United States Space Agency is one of the future key research projects, 3D printing parts and tools that will enhance mission reliability and safety, and because there is no transport from the Earth, you can reduce the cost of space missions.