02:41 am
21 June 2021

The company issued tablet 3D printer console

The company issued tablet 3D printer console


Recently, the California company ,the 3d printer dealer Matterhackers  published a fun device –Mattercontrol Touch T10, it is actually a special tablet as the 3d console.207

According to the understanding of China’s 3d print network, the Tablet PC can be connected through a USB interface to any compatible  G – Code 3d printer, run and open source ,Mattercontrol print  software on its progress in management.The equipment will be fully functional software combined with convenient touch – screen interface, to fully exert the function of 3D printers.206

According to Matterhackers claimed that Mattercontrol Touch T10 pre-installed on a series of common 3d printers configured on the market,and the integration of slice, remote printing and  SMS / e – mail print notification function, also supported the printer’s built-in camera.I believe that with the development of society,3D printing will apply to all areas of society.Nowadays,the most representative in 3D printing industry is  cheap 3D pens, its popularity is particularly high.210


Although when printing you still need a USB data cable and dedicated a wall outlet, but Mattercontrol Touch wifi function to ensure that you download in any convenient place, ready to preview any design documents.209

In addition, the device can support 3d  printer is quite extensive.It is unfortunate, it also means like Makerbot 3d printer  series, not yet able to use , but at least Matterhackers team   is working hard to resolve  x3g format files compatibility issues.204

For now, the MatterControl Touch T10 has been sold on the market, priced at $299 ( includes 30 days refund guarantee ).If you feel that uses SD cards to send 3D files to print more and more inconvenient, or  if you want to put PC in 3D the printer free, it’s a pretty good investment.