05:09 pm
14 June 2021

The American Museum of musical instruments 3d print the entire symphony orchestra

The American Museum of musical instruments 3d print the entire symphony orchestra

In recent years, with 3d printing in the world’s hottest, appeared one after another, various types of 3d printed products are in the public eye, 3d printed models to be among the more interesting and vivid full-color 3d through the 3d scanning technology to print one.So, the combination of them will be what effect? Recently, as Phoenix musical instruments Museum ( MIM ) gave an interesting answer : You can see from the pictures, they built a miniature version of a grand  symphony orchestra.905

According to the understanding of China’s 3d print network, the model is a museum in order to provide  for visitors who have different ages and with different musical backgrounds to show a full range of ,specially built the modern Symphony Orchestra.Their proportion is 1:12, is by including 3d scanning, 3d print and audio-visual performances of a number of modern technology. The image is not very high, such as the violin, in sitting height is 4.5 inches ( 11.5 cm ), double bass stand is 6 inches ( 15.2 cm ).906

In order to achieve the target, MIM first consulted a number of musicians, including many members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and he finds my3dtwin company – a local 3d scan and print studios in London, is particularly good at 3d print one.After receiving the work, my3dtwin photo booth with a 360 degree scan individual musicians and their instruments, and then using photogrammetric method to convert 3d data and the results narrowed down to 1/12, and finally with lime as material 3d printing of full color model.3D printing technology is developing towards a diversified and innovative, and 3D printing industry is refreshed people’s awareness again and again .Recently, many young people is love for a  kind of Nail Art printer.It can make you nails more beautiful.907

Benefit from advanced technology, the musicians of the ” micro – Twins ” have a very high level of detail, very realistic. Upon the availability of models, MIM, in accordance with the real play on the scene to put them to the correct location.At present, this miniature version of the 3d print orchestra is on display in the MIM museum in Europe.908

As part of a multisensory experience in education, display monitors at each instrument  light, so that  let visitors through the audio – visual clues to better understand the main part of the orchestra.” In just 4 minutes in the course, the audience can be  from both the visual and auditory trip to a professional Symphony Orchestra. In this way, they can see all kinds of musical instruments, quantity, not only hear the sound, and see how they are used by musicians, and intuitive configuration and understanding of the whole orchestra playing conditions.” For people who don’t have the chance to personally watch the performance, MIM 3d printing works is a good thing.