03:31 am
21 June 2021

the 3D printing villa appears in  suzhou and layer of the building materials takes one day

the 3D printing villa appears in  suzhou and layer of the building materials takes one day

9Recently, the number of using 3D printing technology to build building in suzhou industrial park.This batch of buildings including a building area of about 1100 square meters of the villa, residential buildings in a 5 layer and a simple exhibition hall, etc., building wall by large 3D printers, print, and use the “ink” is made by a small amount of steel, cement and construction waste.According to introducing, 3 D printing is the main benefit of building energy conservation, environmental protection, saving material.These buildings such as “print” out?Security, and how about the price, if you can live?19, modern express reporter on-site visit with these questions.

3D printing is a magical technology and it can give you incredible experience, just like cheap 3D pens.You can embody your ideas and create original things.That’s wonderful.

3D printing villa, half cost cheaperYesterday afternoon, the reporter arrived at the suzhou industrial park of surplus innovative materials  co., LTD. First sight of a building area of over thousand square meters of European style villa.”Villa are printed in our company except aluminum alloy doors and Windows,.”Surplus chong head Zheng Jian said to the reporter.7

A layer of building, printing materials takes one dayA five storey height building next to the villa, 3D printing architecture, known as the world’s highest, is composed of underground and ground five layers, each layer of the building area of 200 square meters.The reporter understands, build a house like this, the printing material to a day, five workers only need to spend three days of time can be built up.