12:04 am
06 March 2021

Terracotta? NO! This is a 3D printing chocolate

Terracotta? NO! This is a 3D  printing chocolate


Called Skimba foreigner made a three-dimensional model terracotta and printed out  chocolate with 3D printer; it caused great repercussions with friends, a lot of the food industry bigwigs think 3D printing food will trigger a new wave of food industry !863

However,in recent years ,with the development of 3d printing technology,it will be apply to the various walks of life.As we all know ,printheads play an important part in 3D printing ,these are  sophisticated products .Moreover,Epson F158000 printhead is popular with people,as it represents quality.864

Traditional chocolate shape changes are based on molds: first create a mold, and then the melted chocolate sauce poured .Once it cools taken out of the mold. 3D chocolate printing omit this part of the mold development, designers simply design your own chocolate into a three-dimensional model look directly into the printer can be operated. No matter how complex, personalized designs, you can turn it into material object can be described only you do not think you do!