06:38 pm
21 January 2021

Take quality photos of 3D models with this camera rig

indexThis 3D-printable camera rig for smartphones is designed to create a repeatable way to photograph #3DBenchy models at fixed angle positions. An included turntable attachment makes it is also possible to record 360° videos. The base frame and phone shelf are easily adjustable to fit most common smartphone models. A sliding fixture holder allows for adjustment of the object-to-camera distance as well as the focus and framing of the image. A rubber-band-activated lever makes it easy to insert and remove the smartphone from the shelf and keeps it in place during photography. Canon IP4500 Printhead will give you a lot of help.

All files in this camera rig can be downloaded as individual STL files and also as pre-packed ready-to-print build imag`1esplates. These are available for two commonly used square and rectangular build-volume sizes – 200 x 200 x 115 mm and 230 x 150 x 115 mm. If your 3D printer can make objects of this size or larger, then you can 3D-print a full plate in one go. Otherwise all individual parts can be 3D-printed within 150 x 150 x 114 mm.

imagesEven though this rig is primarily designed to be used for photographing 3D Benchy specimens, it can nevertheless be used for taking photos of anything that fits in the camera’s field of view. For this purpose the fixture insert is made available as a blank in both STEP and STL file formats. These can be easily adapted in your 3D/CAD software for holding items such stamps, insects, jewellery, flowers, leafs, miniatures, toy figurines And anything else you can think of!