05:39 am
18 January 2022

Taiwan’s Science and Technology to Complete the 3D Print of smartphones

Taiwan’s Science and Technology  to Complete the 3D Print of smartphones

According to foreign media reports, smartphones occupy almost all of our lives, we spend most of  time in opening a network connection, refreshing social networks, sending a look or listening to computer of the selected songs to play.Soon we will be able to use our  mobile devices to print the 3d object. Science and Technology in Taiwan ( Taiwan tech ) researchers developed a 3d printer, you can take advantage of the smartphone or tablet – curable resin.They created a help of visible light, instead of laser hardened or uv radiation and Photosensitive resin ( photopolymer ).Some people think that this will become the innovative 3d printing market opportunities.The 3d printing device is still in development phase, by a group of students to build. Different from the typical around 3d printer, the latest model based on mobile printing devices can be printed in the open objects, it only takes it in a dark corner .Development of 3D printing technology is amazing.We not only can use Amazon T-shirt printer to print T-shirt,but also can use mobile printing devices to print .715

The print device  place a special resin on top of a smart phone or similar device, then the screen light emitted   help metal printing bed resin molding, and z – axis platform up until printing is complete.The special programme for research team to build the resin, you can use visible light cured, without the need for UV light or other. The printer does not need to be confined in a camera obscura, in the test team, this printer has been able to reach a thickness of 100 microns.714

As far as China’s 3d print network know, this is not the first time in the field of 3d printing, refer to the Smartphone. The Italian company solido3d for rapid prototyping , OLO based on 3d mobile phones was published in October this year .Although Solido3d has not released details of the OLO how it works, but the 3d technology has been able to print a 100 Micron thick hollow ball.


Using the world’s 2 billion people are using mobile devices produce light is an ingenious idea. However, no matter who the manufacturer is, the phone does not guarantee that the new 3d print level as with other 3d printers.” You may know all about Smartphones light is weak, so its print speeds are slower than other aggregate of the printer. But we are still trying to resolve this issue, recently,seems to have made some  progress with prospects.” Research Assistants Hanhsuan Lee said. ” ” But Taiwan has a professor of science and technology ,research and develop a DLP printer which print a layer out of every two seconds , we are currently working to develop new processes, making light of smartphones become more powerful.712