10:08 am
29 October 2020

Swimming in huge amounts of printing Epson ink bin type L455 evaluation

Printer ink storehouse and all-in-one PC sold in the market, and its series

of products from household also gradually to the commercial market coverage,

and more. Today we review the ink bin type L455 intelligent wireless camera,

in addition to remain inked bin type printing products consistent the advantages

of low cost, large capacity of original consumables, also has perfect wireless

direct printing, cloud printing, card print this mobile print function, and configure

the color LCD display, for daily print a possibility.


R2880 printhead 


To Friend who Used printer of ink storehouse , believe that the same

as the eye can see ink bin type L455 is different from the past product —

color LCD display. In the past, even for commercial type L558 ink storehouse,

is configured with black and white LCD screen, which type L455 for home and

office of the ink storehouse is directly on the 1.44 -inch color display. How to use feeling?

To sell a imprison son here.


In addition to the WiFi logo fuselage, clearly told us that it is an all-in-one wireless

printing. Support ink printing, photocopying and scanning bin type L455,

what may be more?

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