03:37 am
21 January 2021

Sweden Innventia research 3D print of wood materials

Sweden Innventia research 3D print of wood materials

As 3d print applied continuously extended to new areas in the industrial manufacturing, how to make the process and materials become more sustainable is still a lot of people priority issues.Recently, in order to develop sustainable materials of the future, the Swedish Agency for Research on innventia Union launched an interdisciplinary — ” would wood  “, thought advanced large increase in material manufacture of wood based materials technology development of comprehensive materials and manufacturing concept.The project includes an innovative wood materials available for 3d Printing and Manufacturing Technology, the material can be used to make furniture, structural components, and even long-term, large-scale construction projects that can be used in intelligent cities.2014

Innventia is mainly engaged in production and refining of forest material, and for Pulp, paper, packaging and other industries to develop sustainable solutions.The company is divided into three main business areas : bio – refining, materials processing and packaging solutions. The agency has been insisting on an important idea is that the future development of materials required and new manufacturing processes — such as 3d printing — Closely, so as to ensure that their performance is optimized, and as possible as achieve environmental protection.To achieve it, they were localized in the pursuit of material manufactured, ordering, and try not to generate inventory, or in the middle of waste products.With the development of science and technology,There is a growing emphasis on resource conservation and environmental protection.However,Epson  SP9890k3 printer is recognized by people.2017

And in ” would wood ” project, researchers challenge is how to modernize the current wood products manufacturing technology, to enable them to adapt to the Future of Manufacturing : 3d printing.Therefore, ” Would wood ” Study on the scope of the project will cover areas such as materials, robotics, and increased material manufacturing process development, even including the use of sustainable wood – based composite materials and used to large 3d print design tools in the project development.The project also intends to cooperate with other additional material manufacturing – related research projects.2016

” Our goal is to fundamentally change the way we manufacture of each product, whether it’s furniture, accessories and structural components, including the entire building.In this way, we as a 3d print of wood laid the foundation of a new chain of products and services. ” Innventia project manager Mikael Lindstr  said.