08:04 pm
20 October 2020

Super autotype super office

New LQ – 1600 kiiih 1600 k series has always been adhering to the excellent

performance, become the kiii + comprehensive on the basis of LQ – 1600, not

only fully compatible with, and on the operational performance and has a sharp

improvement and optimization, print a new experience for the user.


Pro 9906D printhead

Kiii + print faster than LQ – 1600 increased by 20%, up to 220 characters per

second, English speed is 440 characters per second. 128 k cache design, further

improve data processing ability, truly achieve faster printing! LQ – 1600 kiiih

adopted new stronger print head, life is as high as 400 million/needle, reliable

in performance. The machine running stable, mean time between failures (MTBF)

of up to 20000 hours, print the total up to 40 million lines, face heavy print task

again, can also be easily accomplished.


The ribbon guide design, which can effectively prevent the ribbon fold, bend,

through the “guide” to replace the ribbon, also can avoid to the trouble of hand

contact ribbon. Ribbon bigger limit to protect the print head, to avoid breakage

while ensuring better printing.

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