02:11 pm
30 July 2021

More well and more quickly

23241UC7-1On July 17, 2015 – Canon (China) in Beijing announced the Canon product comprehensive upgrade large-format printers, release 5 five color large format printer imagePROGRAF 851/841/831 new products, as well as imagePROGRAF 771/671, also known as”quickly”.

Demand for multi-func release 5 five color large format printer image PROGRAF 851/841/831 new tional large-format equipment for industry, the release of new products and high-end scanners collocation M40 iPF851/841/831 MFP to choose from, provide high quality printing, scanning, copying a whole complex production output system.

 IPF851/841/831 series has the characteristics of strong productivity, high speed, a comprehensive upgrade of software and hardware, and can efficiently deal with large print runs work demand, can be used to supplement the engineering level of production equipment, meet the demand of electric power design institute and other enterprise users.IPF771/671 on the premise of improve the quality of the output, with fast, economic and other characteristic, designed to reduce the long-term use of cost, enhance the profit space, is the enterprise of small workgroups, quick printing shop of choice.

Strong productivity.The series not only has large printing output ability, also has powerful processing ability to print u=2779765376,2842079522&fm=21.In addition to directly modify drawings and prints on the mobile end, new products also increased the remote monitoring function directly connected with the Canon to a remote server, according to the status of the printer service center can give feedback, without user error report, to deal with the problem in advance, to provide more accurate after-sales service, to reduce the failure results in the stagnation of production.

In order to make smooth uninterrupted printing process, the product of Da Vincl 2.o 3D printer is for each color ink is equipped with a single pair of ink tank, users do not need to stop print can also replace the cartridge, even if the ink box used, users can also use the vice ink tank to print, can print 80 pages about A1 ordinary paper monochrome drawings), avoid stop changing ink printing caused loss of time.