02:52 am
21 June 2021

Solutions of 3D printhead have no wire

Solutions of 3D printhead have no wire

Universal application version of the 3D printer,it has come into normal family life, education and teaching, as well as on the production system to manufacture molds hand production and so on, in the course of our 3D printers use, we often come across the 3D printer head plug nozzle no fault, and how we should go about this solution?
Method for treatment of Epson Printhead-F186000 nozzles are as follows, you can refer to the following, find fault problem points, depending on the problem to solve:u=2298283176,2314392920&fm=21&gp=0
1, the nozzle too far away from the Workbench, adjust the Workbench and the nozzle distances, so the distance just by a card in order to adjust the nozzle closer to the platform this slip. This step may have to try several times, will have effect.u=595625643,3872837284&fm=21&gp=0

2 working table, the temperature is too high or too low. ABS print table temperature should be around 110 degrees, PLA print table temperature should stabilize at about 55.
3 problems, printing supplies, supplies vendor supplies for home adaptation.

4 attach a high temperature adhesive tape, printing, ABS bench, print the PLA usually glue stick masking tape on the Workbench Help.

u=1922512777,4265069297&fm=21&gp=05, build platforms clean or slightly adjust it a little higher. Is done with a piece of lint Lint and a little rubbing alcohol or acetone Nail Polish cleaner wiping the surface of the platform. Acetone can be found at hardware stores, read this instruction manual carefully before using it. No, try rotating the knob on the bottom of the platform, platform height adjustment, platform close to the nozzle. These points are available for reference in case of 3D printer nozzles, by to quickly resolve the failure.