09:22 pm
08 December 2021

Smithsonian Institution to print 3D Lunar spacesuit

Smithsonian Institution to print 3D Lunar spacesuit
The spacesuit worn by Astronaut Neil Armstrong was a recent Smithsonian Collections. But the Museum staff may be satisfied with only the collection, at the same time, they also intend to take this precious space digital display to everyone. Using the latest imaging and 3D scanning technology, Smithsonian Institution hope to suit the entity becomes digital material so that it will be able to walk into the classroom, museums from around the world.
Now, the Smithsonian Institution launched related fundraising activities in Kickstarer–Reboot the Suit. Participants have the chance to be among the early experience through the use of contributions.


Wait for the project to obtain payment, the 3D scan of a space suit is expected on the online publication. If you have a strong enough 3D printer, try print one.

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