12:23 pm
22 June 2021

Singapore allocates $100 million ,3D prints to build a skyscraper

Singapore allocates $100 million ,3D prints to build a skyscraper

According to foreign media reports, the Singapore government will allocate 150 million Singapore dollars ( US $100 million ) for research using 3D printing technology to build skyscrapers.139

Reports that Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, a project of 3D Printing Technology Development Center, received government funding. The Centre believes that they are able to develop a new 3D printing technology, available printed skyscrapers and other architectural concrete plates required.In the future ,I believe 3D Printing technology will develop more quickly.However,nowadays,the most typical representative are Cheap 3D Pens .138

Chua Chee Kai, director of the center point out that the project aimed to 3d print of concrete block, and then use it to build skyscrapers, like Le Gao model toy.137

It is worth mentioning that 3D Printing Technology has more than once known as ” the future of the construction industry “, but despite the huge potential of the technology, but rarely used in the production, because of high costs for the production of various materials.140