06:00 am
18 January 2022

Save method of UV ink

Save method of UV ink

UV inks are different from other inks.UV ink store is not too convenient, and raises additional ink is very exquisite.

UV ink because of its composition special, determine its in the case when exposed to light, particularly in the light particularly strong case will be solidified, because light contains ultraviolet, through ultraviolet radiation uv ink will work with ultraviolet chemical reaction, therefore, we must raise them in time to take measures to uv ink a dark.175

A lot of people will question that I raised ink in the room without exposure to the Sun’s rays, could you not take measures to directly raise?

This method is not acceptable. Best way is—-no matter what the circumstances, including some light exposure light measures should be taken.174

Specific ways we can use a piece of opaque objects placed in the cartridge port from the light with the bottle, so that our LED UV Magenta Inks will not react with UV light curing.

UV ink so prone to curing, storage requirements are very strict:

1.Dark storage is essential;

2.After unsealing the ink to be used immediately, the unused ink must be sealed immediately. On the one hand it is to avoid ink contact with the light, and the other is to prevent airborne dust and other debris into the ink.

3.Customers in the use uv inks sure to read the instructions carefully, especially some new customers purchase uv flatbed printer, do not understand where we must promptly contact the manufacturers  to avoid the waste of consumables and cause unnecessary trouble.172