03:24 am
21 June 2021

Samsung holographic technology patents granted,3D holographic Smartphone coming

Samsung holographic technology patents granted,3D holographic Smartphone coming

Recently, the South Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics has just won a key patent ,3d holographic technology.  Allegedly ,Samsung on the technology developed over 3 years.Currently,the outside world still know very little details of this technology , to know is that this innovative technology can manipulate certain wavelengths of light to create a 3d hologram.United States Patent and Trademark Office ( uspto ) lists the patent on December 27, 2015.1035

The patent was granted may accelerate the development of Samsung’s rivals similar projects. Such as Apple’s own 3d holographic technology patent was registered last year, the laser, micro – lens and sensor technology are used to project 3d images.It is alleged that the apple so-called ” Interactive holographic display ” technology will eventually be integrated into the iphone and ipad. Of course, both Samsung and Apple goes, Microsoft never too far away, in fact, the company unveiled its ” hololens ” holographic device, it is a mixed reality of computing platform that looks like a Virtual Reality ( VR ) wearing device, in the main running on Windows 10 systems.Development of 3D technology is mind-boggling, I believe that in the future, 3D print in our work and life plays an increasingly important role.However,Home 3d printers will continue to improve, constant innovation ,due to the gradually popularization of 3D printing, universal trends are becoming obvious.1030

As far as China’s 3d print network know that these 3d holographic Technology Development could start a chain reaction in the 3d scanning and 3d printing industry.Although the Samsung patents show that its probably just some of the so-called hologram menu icons and popup static content, but the ultimate objective of this technique is to allow users to capture and share 3d images and videos to display in the form of -3D hologram.And the rise of holographic technology will no doubt cause for the rise in demand for portable and compact 3d scanning technology, the technology allows Smartphone users to accurately capture 3d images.1028

Meanwhile, captured and shared by the general public, a sharp rise in the number of 3d images and video is also good news for 3d printing industry.Although there are a lot of people have curiosity for 3d printing technology, but few will have the opportunity to put a 3d file into a 3d printing effects. Holographic emergence of smart phones is bound or cause a variety of explosive growth in 3d format, so that the 3d print content more easily available.1027