06:00 pm
14 June 2021

Samsung applied for patent of Holographic image capture 3d printer

Samsung applied for patent of Holographic image capture 3d printer

Samsung Electronics Company,which has  stressed he did not intend to get involved in 3d printing technology, , recently applied for a patent. Apple has also experienced the same story before, it looks like the tech giants are considering whether to move into this area.Anyway, this is a good thing for consumers, meant that they might have more choices in the future.00010

Last time, 3D Tigers reported that Samsung get 3D print color ink patent . This concept includes several color 3D printer Cartridge, A ” Preventing Seepage ” intelligent devices, as well as several printhead of the control material.Recently ,a kind of printhead is popular with people,named Seiko Spt1020 printhead.00009

According to the understanding of China’s 3d print network, the 3d concept includes : Send a beam light source configuration Beam splitting and expansion Unit, the issue split the beam into a reference beam of light and signal light, and to extend the signal light.Lighting Systems, signal light extraction is extended, and calibration. Spatial light modulator ( SLM ), adjust the signal light. Objective lens unit, modulation signals emitted beam into holographic recording media.Reference beam forming device, launch of the reference beam into holographic recording media.00004

The purpose of this design is based on holographic recording Media provides a way to record 3d image information, through the formation of photosensitive storage media interference images, these interfere with the image can be printed directly 3d out.The patent was submitted in August 2012, officially granted on December 15, 2015 Samsung Electronics Company. We can see that the technology is very advanced concepts, so I hope that Samsung can show what they are doing to the public as soon as possible.00002

There is no doubt that the concept of 3d printing once the implementation will greatly promote the development of 3d printing technology, but we also need to wait for some time to know how to light in the manufacturing process.Like Apple, and we don’t know if the 3d printer for the public sale, Samsung, too, maybe they’re just planning to the patented technology is used for internal research and development is not necessarily all have to wait for time to tell us the answer.00003