03:57 am
21 June 2021

Rotate clock by 3D printing

Rotate clock by 3D printing
From the Instructable user NespLab (real name as Matias Mamone guy) on the use of 3D printing a basic component, and then use the easy access and printing components that make for a very unique rotating clock, and detailed explanations of the whole process, so if you want to make a rotating clock will carefully watch it!
Mamone is neither a designer or engineer, but he does cleverly design the operating system, it was he who designed the running gear the whole time. 3D printing components for Assembly and design for all are Autodesk 123D design, Mamone told this 3D software is very simple but powerful tools.
Mamone used 230 gram to make components when using encryption 10% 15% monofilament-PLA, print deposited thickness of 0.2mm, because the design of these components not designed to support or rafts, and he published in full detail on the Instructable. Once the necessary components are printed, metal cutting is completed, the rest of the main task is to piece together these components and Arduino. Finally, the set time zone if you are rotating. Trying to create a unique clock will not only allow you to experience the entire production process, when you really made after completion, you will be able to gradually make other interesting gadgets! Echocardiography as action!

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