05:36 pm
14 June 2021

Rolls Royce with a 3D print made by far the most powerful jet engine

Rolls Royce with a 3D print made by far the most powerful jet engine

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As the world’s leading manufacturer of Jet engines, Rolls Royce (Rolls-Royce) company is the print technology for one of the few industry leaders in the manufacturing process. For more than a century, the company has been making engines for the aircraft. This week, the company announced that its most powerful jet engine ever had been packed into a successful test flight in the Airbus civil aircraft. And this new engine was able to produce record-breaking thrust first of all, thanks to the use of sophisticated 3D printing technology to produce an advanced wing.

Over the last decade, Trent XWB series Turbofan Jet engine is widely known as the market’s most reliable and efficient commercial jet engines. It is also the fastest-selling wide-body Jet engines, a total of 40 customers have purchased more than 1500 engines. Rolls Royce is currently the Airbus A350 XWB (extra wide body) aircraft’s exclusive supplier of, ever since its first Trent 1000 engine on the market, they began to follow Airbus to improve the development of the models, increase its power and reliability.

Current Rolls Royce engine is the latest model in the series under development XWB-97, 3D printing network in China understand that this model is ready to use in a version of the Airbus A350 XWB more power on the A350-1000, entered service i164Q14625-2n this type of aircraft is expected in 2017. Two years ago, Rolls-Royce XWB 97 development project was launched for the first time, and this week, the first test flight successfully completed testing of the engine. The company a XWB 97 engine prototype instead of the originally installed in the A350 XWB on one of the four Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines, and the plane flew out of the headquarters of Airbus France over Toulouse. An important milestone during the flight is not just XWB-97, but also 3D printing for the world’s largest aircraft engine, the first successful test flight

“For the whole team and the Rolls Royce Trent XWB engines for companies, this is a great time for all, since the beginning of 2012, we finalize the design time XWB-97, we have been working for this moment to come. Trent XWB design is always and constantly improve the thrust of the engine. Remember during the XWB-84, we have tried to put the engine in close-97 under conditions of operation, to deepen our understanding of the higher engine thrust level of design. Today we A350-1000 the request based on the experience of the core is optimized to increase HP turbine technology. This means our customers receive is a greater capacity, but without any compromise on the performance of the engine. “Trent XWB-97 Chief Engineer Andy Gwynne said.

Generation engines were named on the Trent XWB XWB 84, this is mainly because it can produce 84,000 pounds of takeoff thrust. While the new Trent XWB-97 provides a surprising 9.7 pounds of thrust, and simply add very little extra energy. Such a large increase in power, partly thanks to the 3D printing of front of engine bearing wing. These surfaces are also in the history of the Jet engine integration, 3D printing parts, and Rolls Royce a technology developed jointly with the University of Sheffield.

Rolls Royce was recently in the United Kingdom manufacturing factories of Derby has invested tens of millions of pounds, making its Trent XWB engine production’s main factory. 3D printing capacity of the plant makes the Rolls Royce company development and design engine processes faster and cheaper, but also make it more field testing and prototyping capabilities. According to Rolls-Royce said, by using 3D printing parts in the Trent XWB-97, reduced production time by one-third the wing surface.