03:58 am
21 June 2021

Rich is wayward:Dubai Government for fire departments to order 20 3D Print Jet-Packs

Rich is wayward:Dubai Government for fire departments to order 20 3D Print Jet-Packs

While some countries still try to 3D Printing and getting started with 3D printing, you can use some simple 3D printer, Cheap 3D pens, Dubai has been way ahead of others. On November 9, 2015, at the Dubai air show, the city guard forces and New Zealand Martin Aircraft Company has ordered 20 3D print the Jetpack (jetpacks), $ 250,000 each, and will be delivered in the near future. It is understood that these high-tech equipment will be owned by the city’s Fire Department, to protect it from the bustling high-rises.09491S007-0

Martin Aircraft Company is expected later in 2016, delivery of the first batch of professional-grade Jet Pack, and a series of personal jetpacks for the consumer-level market plans will be available mid-2017. It is understood that Dubai’s Government ordered the partial 3D printing Jetpack from a two-liter, two-stroke V4 engine 200 HP drive, the maximum flight speed of 45 miles per hour and a maximum flight altitude of 3000 feet. 3D printing and carbon fiber parts made of this flying machine up to 45 minute flight, carrying about 260 pounds of weight. This load capacity sufficient to support one fire officer with medical equipment. Martin Aircraft hopes after the improved engine, this 45-minute flight time may be further extended. Martin Aircraft Company CEO Peter Coker is currently cooperating with a company did not disclose the name of the engine to develop more powerful systems. “The beginning of next year, we expect to have things out. “He explained. Dubai’s Government has also ordered from the Martin Aircraft Simulator and a set of training materials and train their firefighters the right to use the device. When firefighters finish equipment operation training, Jetpack that 3D prints will be used for reconnaissance and rescue purposes.

“Sometimes people fled to the roof of the building when the fire department. Sometimes a ladder can not get there, but you can’t always use the elevator. “Ali Hassan Almutawa, Director for Dubai House said to the BBC:” we believe that rescue and fire fighting is the equipment first had to play a major role. But it could have many other uses. It can enter the confined space, for instance estimates, and we are going to put it on the thermal imaging camera. ”Although many people hold the concern for the personal safety of aircraft, but M09491S940-1artin Martin Aircraft Company has designed several important safety devices are installed. For example, if the operator suddenly let go of control of the Jet Pack, the computer will automatically stabilize its flight.

This part of 3D printing Jetpack and the others on the market is not the same, some people say it is more like a personal helicopter and not the kind we see in films and stuff such as rocket ejector, which depends mainly on wind turbine driving device of the dome off the ground.