03:11 am
21 June 2021

Revolutionary 3D Printer Mark 1 will be published next year

New York Carnival in 2013 (Maker Faire), headed by a father and young son founded Vader Systems company showed a jet of liquid metal based (Liquid Metal Jet) metal 3D printer technology. They believe the technology named MagnetoJet print technology, although this technology is still at the prototype stage, but still attracted the attention of industry and looks forward to its first 3D printer–Mark 1 to enter the market, small also has reported.

When people are still under discussion in these two years ABS and PLA as when using 3D Printers and Cheap 3D Pens. The father and son have a new breakthrough.Now Vader Systems Announces, with Aurora Machine Company of Rochester, New York to establish exclusive manufacturing partnership, by the latter for its production of Mark 1 metal 3D printer parts. This metal 3D printer is expected as early as next year.QQ截图20151112093837

It is understood that in order to make this very promising machine to enter the market as soon as possible, Vader Systems is headquartered in New York decided to outsourcing some manufacturing to third-party companies. Aurora Machine is a contract manufacturer, specializing in precision machining and sheet metal welding, Assembly, manufacture, powder coating equipment, and other services. Under the agreement, the company will be Vader products non-critical components, such as cover and bracket. And to print the first core components will be manufactured by Vader in its own production facilities, the company.

Allegedly, Vader developed the Mark 1 3D printer target customers are large manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers. The firm says it is working with Lockheed Martin Corporation and General Electric Company negotiated. Due to the company’s pioneering technology gets unexpected positive feedback, Vader has stepped up its efforts to make our first batch of machines. They expect the first batch (only 20 machines) can be delivered in the middle of 2016.Vader Systems company that is applying for the patent, 3D printing technology is the most special is that it cost more than the current sintering technology of metal-based 3D printing equipment is much lower. And their liquid metal Jet print technology is twice times the current speed. The 3D printer uses a single nozzle, on-demand ink, and is equipped with a print head with high-temperature metal stage. It can take 1000 Hz frequency injection 500 Micron droplets of molten aluminum, which means building capacity of 1 pound per hour. Expects its price is the current price of around one-third and one-tenth printed parts cost for other equipment.QQ截图20151112093938

“We believe we are the world’s first commercial molten metal sprayed 3D printer manufacturer. “The company’s two founders, Scott and Zack Vader and his son said,” we print methods for manufacturing an undreamed of possibilities. ”Is the so-called long-awaited, metal, this makes us look forward to how 3D printers, let us wait until it’s official debut in 2016!