11:15 pm
27 October 2020

Professional photo print A3 + wide

A new generation of A3 + wide professional photo printer




3880 printhead

In terms of user experience, P608 A3 + professional photo printer can flip touch

2.7 -inch LCD screen with the new design makes the interface at a glance, we

found that in the process of operation, the touch screen support full Chinese menu

of ink, paper type display option is intuitive, user action has been taken into account

in the maximum convenience, even the people who first contact printer can in the

shortest possible time to fit.


P608 A3 + wide professional photo printer, whether function or ink, compared with the

former generation R3000 printer has a larger increase, let color printed works, to be

able to perform at a higher accuracy of quality. So the printer is very suitable for

enthusiasts, even who has a strict requirements on works of artists to use.

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