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18 January 2022

Prodigy or magical machine ?

Prodigy or magical machine ?

When Max took his work home for the first time when his family was in shock, to know the child but at 5 years of age were diagnosed with dyslexia! “Know the results, we were very worried about his future,” said Max’s mother, Jennifer. But soon, the family realized that their worries are unnecessary because this so-called “handicap” gives the Max is a quality of the imagination, and because of this, there is what we now see this fun basketball Cup.
The Cup was originally just Max art lesson on using clay sculpture out of a job. But soon, wise he saw the hidden business value. So, he and his family found after discussing 3D Printsmith company, using the latter’s 3D solid model of Systems equipment printed out of the Cup. Have an exact model in hand, Max was confidence. So he attended the Fenway in Boston with model contest held the concept of product exhibition. There, he became among the top ten finalists only children. It is clear that conquest on the judges, 3D printed model has played a key role, than a simple concept, it is more real, rather than earlier handmade prototype, which is even more subtle.

Although many parents feel their children’s creativity is the best, but willing to dish out the investments made further attempts to works made from the prototype of the child are few and far between. Lucky is that Max’s mother Jennifer belongs to the latter category, “3D printing let us just a small investment can see the child’s idea contains very much power. ”

“When my friends Copy, when I know the basketball circles coffee mug is a great idea,” Max said. He is now 11 years old, just this past spring got the patent for creative design, “but until d print prototypes in my hands, I finally determined, it can become a successful commercial projects. ”XYZprinting 3D Printerxyzprinting-da-vinci-1-0-aio-3d-printer--6143
3D print samples, Max has launched bold basketball Cup of chips. Soon, activities to achieve established goals. Zhihou, 3D printed parts of the United States was made into a mass production molds, and over the next year, Max has launched a major overseas sales activities, so as to make a success of his work in one fell swoop into the market. Seeing an opportunity, many retailers have to Max out the olive branch, including the Uncommon Goods,Nordstrom, even Basketball Hall of Fame. Thus, only from 2014, the creative basketball cups sold 18,000. Such results for adults is extremely brilliant, much less for a used to be considered children.

After tasting the wonderful taste of success, Max’s imagination completely broke. He once again creates more new model MAXI’IS, series, including wearing gloves cups, cups with post, soccer cup with a goal, as well as other sports themed cups. As with the original basketball Cup, they each have been 3D printed prototypes for recycling.
In addition, Max did not forget the commitment to support children like him. So, 5% MAXI’IS series of sales profits will be donated to charities and non-profit organizations, to increase awareness of dyslexia awareness and concern and release the true potential of children with dyslexia. Believe with the help of 3D printing and 3D scanning technologies, Max good will will not in future.

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